Monday, May 10, 2010

Ted's Bulletin

Ted's Bulletin, a retro diner-esque eatery, opened last week on Barracks Row on Capitol Hill. This place seemed to appear out of nowhere - but after yesterday's lunch, I can safely say this one will be around for a while. Walking in Ted's is like walking into someplace your grandparents may have enjoyed. They have salvaged some of the original decor from Philadelphia's Civic Center to decorate this place - which is just...the most delightful departure from the tired martini decor that seems to invade most new restaurants these days. They serve shakes AND alcohol AND pastries in the bar/waiting area. There's even a walk-up pastry counter on 8th Street. Each pastry is hand crafted, including such delights as snickerdoodle cookies, chocolate chip scones, croissants, and even homemade strawberry pop-tarts. So, save room for dessert.

The menu is divided into salads, sandwiches, supper, and sides. Yes, supper. There you will find such hearty fare as herb roasted chicken, meatloaf, country fried steak, four cheese lasagna, and ribs. I will be back until I can try all of their entrees (priced reasonably from $14-24). However, I chose something from their sandwiches menu: I couldn't resist the grilled cheese and tomato soup ($9). The salty bread was grilled perfectly with a creamy layer of good old American cheese in the middle. The tomato soup was seasoned just right - tangy, just the right amount of salt, and very slightly herbal.

Now, Ted's isn't without its faults. For instance, I had been drooling over their hand-cut french fries speckled with sea salt since I caught a glimpse of them when we went in. Imagine my disappointment when they ran out of these fries, and instead served me a plate of wan ore-ida shoestrings. We also ordered a side of macaroni and cheese with andouille -- and not a trace of andouille in the thing. I'll chalk it up to the newness of things, and let it be at that.

Other reviews I've read on Ted's tout their milkshakes as among the best they've had. I may try one out on my next visit, if only for the novelty of eating ice cream out of a soda glass. Ted's opens early (7 a.m.) and closes late. You can get breakfast all day. If you're looking for a good, solid place to eat -- try Ted's. I promise you won't be disappointed -- this place is for real, and real good.