Wednesday, October 06, 2010

happy trails

Yep, that's me in the white dress. And the tall one next to me, that's my husband. We walked down the aisle to Journey after we said our I do's. It was overwhelming and incredible and we're both pretty much walking on air these days.

So, anyway: Changes. I'm retiring this blog. It'll stay up, but no new posts from this one.


While I was writing about some awesome champagne poached pears I made last Sunday, I realized that it was time for something new. Though I loved every single thing about those sweet little pears, it felt too heavy to write about the ingredients, and it felt too heavy to write about the process, and for whatever that moment I was returned to a very unhappy place -- so, that's it! Time to move on.

Thanks for reading all of my cheese-and-butter-laden recipes. Not sure if I'll take up again soon, but if I do, you'll know it.

Thanks for everything, & cheers.