Tuesday, August 12, 2008

restaurant week: dc

Washingtonians, unite! It's that time of the year: the dog days of summer, recess, and most importantly, restaurant week. There's still time to make your reservations for a table in any of the participating restaurants to enjoy a three-course meal for just $35 per person. (Lunch reservations will run you a cheery $20.08).

My handsome date and I enjoyed a table for two at Georgetown's charming Mendocino Grille last night (Sister restaurant on the Hill is swanky Sonoma). I enjoyed the bibb lettuce salad, the grilled heart of palm on a bed of ratatouille and rapini pesto, and the coconut and lemongrass sorbet. Service was good, restaurant was happily abuzz but not too crowded. Food was delicious!

A few personal thoughts on restaurant week: It's liberating to be able to go to any of the participating restauarants and know that you will be eating three courses and not paying more than $35. But - if you're like me, sometimes you want appetizers and salad, or salad and an entree, or any combination of courses as your meal. RW imposes different rules on you, like eating dessert (something I rarely choose to do at a restaurant), or appetizer or salad (but not both). It can also work out that the restaurant will tack on surcharges for some "premium" menu items. In that case, it can happen that ordering from the pre-fixe restaurant week menu will run you more than just ordering off the menu a la carte. Just something to consider when making your reservations and your menu selections!

Another thing to consider is whether or not you'll want wine with dinner (I did). I had a single glass, at $9. Somehow - our bill ended up at $118.00. Not quite the restaurant week bargain we'd hoped for, but a really lovely meal nonetheless.

SO, with that cautionary tale - go forth and enjoy your reservations.

Friday, August 01, 2008

ginned up

Lemony Snicket*
Makes: 1
Prep time: 1 minute
Cook time: n/a

You'll need:

-Bombay Sapphire
-Pellegrino Limonata (carbonated lemon water)

Pour one to two shots of gin over ice. Add half a can of San Pellegrino Limonata. Stir gently. Enjoy! Perfect for the hot, dog days of summer.

*Named for Stef's favorite movie. Enjoy slowly to ensure there are no unfortunate events following.